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Learning Javascript (Part 1)

Disclaimer: this is pretty stream-of-consciousness and was written pretty quickly. I’ll clarify it over time, as I get feedback on parts that are confusing.

If you’re TOTALLY new to Javascript, use my article as a companion to Codecademy’s Javascript Introduction

I taught myself Javascript. By that I mean, I muddled through it for a few years until I realized that I could probably make myself more employable if actually figured how to do more complicated things.

Since I never understood the foundations of JS, I always found myself frustrated because my code wouldn’t work as I expected. Mainly, I was used to jQuery API, and didn’t quite grasp that the language was more complicated than $('div').something().

Luckily I had some pretty great coworkers who taught me more and more, and eventually everything made sense. I learned about closures, prototypes, loops, and now feel pretty

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CSS is growing up…


About 4 years ago I was trying to figure out whether to use LESS or Sass. I could use Codekit or even switch to Espresso to get automatic compilation and updates!

We ended up using LESS, but for the life of me I couldn’t tell you why. A bit later Grunt and Gulp came out to make things even easier. Somehow during this time I switched to Scss, and didn’t really look back.

This represented a huge step forward in dealing with CSS. We could nest selectors, split them into smaller files, use variables, use mixins! It was amazing and made life a ton easier.

Since then I’ve used Scss almost exclusively, moving multiple applications and companies onto it, mastering the use of node-sass and religiously following the guidelines laid down by Harry Roberts.

And then Webpack and React hit the scene…

 The Webpack/React-led CSS revolution

The Webpack/React ecosystem completely blew the lid off

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